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Scarborough Discourse potluck brings community together 🍲

From rajma-rice and samosa-inspired spring rolls to pineapple tarts, our community potluck showcased the delicious diversity of Scarborough.

Scarborough Scarborough

We see you, Scarborough.

Hi, I’m Aparita, Scarborough’s dedicated reporter. The conversations I have with community members will drive my storytelling and combat stereotypes. What gaps in news coverage do you see? I’m here to listen.

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We just launched our transit series — read all about it 📖

Check out our feature story, a searchable database of local bus routes, a video of one resident's experiences with transit and more.

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Our data analysis confirms: This suburb’s average access to transit is three times worse than the City of Toronto.

Do you spend hours commuting on the TTC? This Scarborough resident does

‘It’s kind of a love-hate relationship,’ Michael Manu says of his reliance on the TTC’s under-resourced transit system.

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Find out how your regular bus routes measure up on delays and frequency of service.

Better bus service could help solve Scarborough’s transit troubles

They’re slow, they’re late, they’re politically uncool — but they might be the best bet for this suburb, say commuters and urban planners.