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It may be dark out there, but there is a future for journalism

The moment we realized we’re not alone in our fight to change journalism in Canada.

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A new kind of journalism

Journalism is essential to the healthy functioning of democracy, but around the world, the practice faces enormous challenges. In Canada, thousands of journalists have lost their jobs. One-sixth of our newspapers have closed in the past five years. Where and how will Canadians get news and information they can trust?

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The rise of audience-funded journalism in Canada

Insights from the frontlines where entrepreneurial media are filling the gap in public service journalism.

The connection between work camps and violence against women is real. But the camps are hard on men, too.

We need to listen to both women’s and men’s stories if we want to understand sexualized violence.

What does the feds’ $595M journalism package mean for news innovation?

The details remain murky, but the measures could accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and diverse media sector — depending on who benefits.

Reinventing the local newspaper to fight polarization

A year ago, The Discourse set out to take our model national — a setback caused us to pause and listen, change gears, and devote ourselves to three communities.

Is this the key to building bridges in polarized times?