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Reinventing the local newspaper to fight polarization

A year ago, The Discourse set out to take our model national — a setback caused us to pause and listen, change gears, and devote ourselves to three communities.

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A new kind of journalism

Journalism is essential to the healthy functioning of democracy, but around the world, the practice faces enormous challenges. In Canada, thousands of journalists have lost their jobs. One-sixth of our newspapers have closed in the past five years. Where and how will Canadians get news and information they can trust?

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Is this the key to building bridges in polarized times?

Newsletter: Making sense of the Trans Mountain consultation conundrum

Why we’ve really got to listen when it comes to Indigenous land rights.

Why The Discourse is going local

We imagine growing into a network of reporters across Canada, who’ll report alongside communities typically left out of mainstream public and political dialogue.

Newsletter: How to set healthy boundaries in conversation

Sometimes, it’s unhelpful — and even harmful — to engage another person. Sometimes, it’s better to just walk away.

We’re hiring a reporter in Scarborough

Do you want to listen to your community, work on stories outside of the daily news grind and bring issues from Scarborough into national conversations? Then we want to work with you.