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The Discourse claims to be a leader in diversity. Here’s how we’re really doing.

It’s hard work. Really hard.

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Hi, I’m Erin, founder and CEO of the Discourse. The Discourse is reimagining the community newspaper. Our stories are not dictated by people — politicians, advertisers, journalists — who are not invested in your community. You, the members of the communities we serve, decide what stories we should tell.

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Why we decided to join Facebook’s Local News Accelerator

On a day when so many people are angry at Facebook, The Discourse and 10 other media outlets gathered at the platform’s HQ in Canada. How do we reconcile our mission with controversy surrounding Facebook?

Which community should The Discourse serve next?

We plan to launch The Discourse in three new communities. Tell us what needs investigating in your neighbourhood

The Discourse’s do-or-die moment

Together, we’ve built a new future for community-powered news. Now is the moment of truth: Is The Discourse valuable enough that you’ll pay for it?

How The Discourse is funded

Our business model is based on a simple concept: that people will pay for journalism that matters to their community.

Small towns need investigative journalism, too

How Jacqueline Ronson is reimagining in-depth journalism in her Cowichan Valley community.