Can we crowdsource a better policy to support journalism?

After we argued that the Liberals’ tax measures for journalism hurt startups, The Discourse got a chance to make our case to government. Will you help us write a better policy?

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The fate of Scarborough Health Network’s 3 hospitals: Which option would you choose?

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Lunch at the local soup kitchen

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North Scarborough’s only hospital wants to close key wards — again. Where will that leave residents?

Patients will be at risk and community care will suffer, doctors and residents warn.

Three years later, this mom’s still fighting to get her kids out of care

Being separated from her daughters “never gets easier,” says Justine, whose trial resumes on April 1.

Liberals’ journalism funding makes it harder to launch news startups

We’re not looking for a handout. But we didn’t expect the government to distort the playing field so dramatically.