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Learning my language is an act of defiance

As a Hupačasath First Nation member I feel a duty to try to learn my language, any way I can.

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Across Canada, more than half of all Indigenous people live off reserve, and nearly 61,500 Indigenous people now call the Lower Mainland home. B.C.’s Lower Mainland has the largest Indigenous population of any urban area in the province. Despite these numbers, urban Indigenous people don’t get a lot of love from local media. News coverage of Indigenous issues is usually about crises, suicide and tragedy, or land titles and resources back on the reserve. It’s important to give voice to urban Indigenous perspectives and stories because although reconciliation is a concept, when you dig beneath that, it’s really about people.

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Why Jody Wilson-Raybould’s integrity has us so transfixed

“I come from a long line of matriarchs and I’m a truth teller, in accordance with the laws and traditions of our Big House,” the former attorney general testified.

Concrete hoop dreams: East Van team comes second in B.C.’s All Native Basketball Tournament

“As an urban club team, it gave us an opportunity to give this platform for the youth,” says Pigeon Park Allstars captain.

6-year-old Kyle Hill loved Hobiyee, even as he battled terminal cancer

An Indigenous mother shares her love for her late son.

‘Our women are being hunted and killed’

Indigenous women have led the Women's Memorial March in Vancouver for 28 years to grieve and call for justice.