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Here’s what we’re planning for our Scarborough coverage in 2019

We hope to capture the suburb’s spirit in our upcoming work, as we ask community members how Scarborough has shaped them.

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Scarborough in the 6ix

Hi, I’m Aparita. As many of you know, Scarborough usually gets a bad rap in traditional media and sometimes even in popular culture. Those stories dwell on crime and grime in the community, which was once nicknamed “Scarberia” and “Scarlem.”

So, this is your space to reclaim Scarborough. The conversations I have with community members will drive my storytelling. Help me fill in gaps in news coverage here, so I can surface untold stories beyond stereotypes. To keep up with the latest Scarborough coverage, subscribe to my newsletter, and feel free to contact me via email


Help us investigate.

Let's challenge the narrative together

How to report on Scarborough’s layers of complexity

We look forward to reflecting more of your lives, as we continue to surface community-powered stories from Scarborough.

A treasure trove of memories in Scarborough’s strip malls

When we asked locals to submit photo and story submissions of their favourite strip malls, they told anecdotes about adventures, both new and old.

What do you think of the term ‘ethnic food’?

Media often use this descriptor to talk about global cuisine, but is it appropriate to use?

More than an eyesore, Scarborough strip malls celebrate community

From Filipino bakeries to halal butchers, these drive-through stops have become unlikely gathering spaces in a sprawling suburb.

Tell us: What are your favourite strip malls in Scarborough?

Whether it’s a current hangout spot or a place you used to frequent, send us photos of your favourite local strip mall.