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Is Scarborough a cultural wasteland? Insiders weigh in

Look behind the facades of those dilapidated high-rises, aging strip malls and grey underpasses, and you might just find a lively discussion about a poem or a graffiti mural celebrating childhood memories of community.

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Hi, I’m Aparita. As many of you know, Scarborough usually gets a bad rap in traditional media and sometimes even in popular culture. Those stories dwell on crime and grime in the community, which was once nicknamed “Scarberia” and “Scarlem.”

So, this is your space to reclaim Scarborough. The conversations I have with community members will drive my storytelling. Help me fill in gaps in news coverage here, so I can surface untold stories beyond stereotypes. To keep up with the latest Scarborough coverage, subscribe to my newsletter, and feel free to contact me via email


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Other popular topics were 'solutions to address inaccessibility of transit' and 'spotlighting the overlooked arts and culture scene.'

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