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‘Justine’ to get her girls back from foster care

After a three-year battle, this Siksika mom says she’s reached an agreement with B.C. social workers to bring her daughters home.

Nisga’a whistleblower story shows need for free press

A free press could have brought both context and scrutiny to this story sooner, both of which are necessary for a healthy democracy.

‘You’re constantly drowning’ in cases and paperwork, says B.C. social worker

An illustrated look at a day in the life of a child-protection worker.

Canada’s Copyright Act failing Indigenous people, committee finds

Indigenous artist hopeful new report could help curb ‘the appropriation of our artworks.’

How can we compete with cheap fake art from overseas, Indigenous business owners ask?

‘I’ve seen these poor carvers that are trying to carry on their culture, and they’ve got to compete with something a quarter the cost that comes in from Indonesia,’ says Shain Jackson.