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Cowichan safety audit aims to address downtown concerns

From NIMBY to CIMBY: building Community In My Backyard

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Fake Indigenous art is a real problem in Vancouver stores

Investigation uncovers some knock-off Indigenous art is sold in 75% of Vancouver souvenir shops.

Why seeing a shelf full of fake totem poles makes me wince

From their randomly splashed designs to their strange choice of materials, fake poles miss every opportunity to honour our culture. And they’re just the tip of the fake art iceberg.

Here’s how we investigated Vancouver’s Indigenous-souvenir industry

Details on the stores we visited, the samples we took and the manufacturers we called to determine which products were authentic.

The Discourse’s do-or-die moment

Together, we’ve built a new future for community-powered news. Now is the moment of truth: Is The Discourse valuable enough that you’ll pay for it?

The Cowichan Discourse’s do-or-die moment

Together, we’ve built a brighter future for community-powered reporting in small towns. Will you help pay for it?