We’re reimagining the community newspaper to better represent all of us. The Discourse provides in-depth local journalism informed and funded by you.

We listen before we report, and our community members inform what stories we tell. Our journalism is not dictated by people — politicians, advertisers, journalists — who aren’t invested in the communities we serve.

We’re passionate, scrappy journalists committed to building a new kind of media that better reflects us all — because we’re connected to these communities, too. Since founding The Discourse five years ago, our team of journalists have been producing award-winning investigative journalism that privileges feminist and diverse perspectives, is driven by the pursuit of truth and creates positive change in underrepresented communities.

We don’t have a big corporation or a super-rich person behind us. We got this far by bootstrapping with startup funding from value-aligned partners, investors, family and community members who became owners in our company through an equity crowdfunding campaign in 2017. Our long-term goal is for most of our funding to come from the communities we serve.

We strongly believe that journalism should be accessible to everyone – not only rich audiences who can pay for subscriptions and are valued by advertisers. That’s why we don’t have a paywall. Our approach only works if people who are able to pay support us, so we can keep delivering in-depth journalism for all. Every contribution helps.

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