The Discourse is where journalists and members meet to contribute to more accurate, diverse and trustworthy stories about issues that matter. Our community is creating a new kind of journalism to spark real conversation and help us grapple with today’s complex problems and polarized politics.

To understand tough issues like climate change, reconciliation and sexual assault, we need more than breaking news, clickbait and opinions. If we want to figure out what to do about the challenges we face, we need evidence-based journalism that sparks conversations between people who don’t usually find themselves in the same Facebook echo chambers.

That’s going to take all of us. Not just journalists. Not just experts. Not just the typical people who influence the news. We need a diverse community to build a new kind of journalism.

These 10 principles guide all of our editorial and business decisions.

Be part of it.

The Discourse is currently in closed beta, available to a limited number of Founding Members. Request an invite to be part of the solution.