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Child Welfare

Many describe the child-welfare system as broken and stuck. Indigenous families are hugely over-represented due to the ongoing impacts of colonization. Media is seen as a barrier to positive change. That’s why, for the past three years, The Discourse has been working with youth, parents and others connected to the system to deepen and improve reporting. We believe that by changing the story we can change the system.

B.C. government is failing vulnerable kids and families, according to its own audits

Investigation reveals ministry isn't meeting critical standards. ‘This should be a four-alarm fire,’ social work professor says.

We’ve made the data from our child welfare audit investigation public

Tell us how you think the Ministry of Children and Family Development is doing.

B.C. judge breaks with convention in Indigenous child-protection case

Mom suggests a more collaborative approach including Elders, and judge accepts.

Three years later, this mom’s still fighting to get her kids out of care

Being separated from her daughters “never gets easier,” says Justine, whose trial resumes on April 1.

Care about child welfare? Collaborate with us

Journalists from different media are working together and we need your help.

B.C. social workers are stressed, scared and seemingly muzzled

“I am not sure if they are trying to muzzle us or not, but we can lose our jobs if we talk to media, which is why staff are scared,” social worker says.

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